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Rigid Laminates - also known as Phenolic - Traffolyte or Traffolite

Flexible Laminates - Interior use

Flexible Laminates - Exterior Use


Flexible and Rigid Laminates are available in a wide range of colour combinations including gold or silver colour with gloss, satin, matt or textured finishes.


Reverse Laminates - engraved on the back surface and colour filled to give a smooth surface finish for high durability and easy cleaning.


Acrylic and Plastics


Aluminium - natural or anodised for colour effects


Brass - ideal for signs and nameplates for a classic look


Wood - traditional material for building signs and nameplates


Free Issue Stock - contact us to discuss your specific materials

Engraving Materials

Select from a broad range of material types and colours for your application that we can engrave for you or call us to discuss the best solutions

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